There are many forms of marketing. We offer the kind that makes connections between your customers, your products, brand and business in a way that gets your prospects to trade with only you. Marketing is vital and constantly progressing . Your business needs it right now and we offer the most affordable rates in the most effective way. Let’s go for it!


1. Paid advertising

We have multiple approaches for marketing that are available for your consideration. These include traditional approaches like TV Commercials and print media advertising. The most current and effective marketing approach is internet marketing. It covers various methods like PPC (Pay per click) and paid advertising. Below are a few examples of some of the paid advertising we have done.

2. Cause marketing

Our cause marketing involves linking the services and products of your company to a social cause or issue. We also refer to it as cause related marketing. Here are a few examples of the cause marketing

3. Relationship marketing

This is where we help you with your customer building. We enhance existing relationships with your customers and improve customer loyalty. A good example of this is sending complements or condolences to your clients on the relevant days. The following image is an example of good relationship marketing.


4. Undercover marketing

We use this type of marketing strategy because it focuses on marketing the product while customers remain unaware of the marketing strategy. We also call this stealth marketing. The art with this strategy is to be subtle, indirect and yet visible. This video show one of the many ways we can achieve this for you.

5. Word of mouth

We will provide you with all the right tools that will ensure that people speak positively about you brand or service to others. It is traditionally the most important type of marketing strategy from the eight. Being heard is important in business world. When you give quality services to customers, it is likely that they’d promote you. We have been fortunate enough to have word of mouth work for us because 93% of our clients come from word of mouth referrals.

6. Internet marketing

Our internet marketing offering for you, has 7 major categories. They are as follows:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  4. Content marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Email marketing

7. Transactional marketing

The getting and closing of sales is particularly the most challenging all our work. We have experienced that even for the largest retailers, selling is always tough especially when there are high volume targets. However with the new marketing strategies that we have for you, selling will be easy. Our transactional marketing will ensure that your customers are encouraged to buy with shopping coupons, discounts and great events. We will enhance the chances of sales and motivate your target audience to buy your promoted products.

8. Diversity marketing

We cater for your diverse audience by customizing and integrating different marketing strategies. We cover different aspects like cultural, beliefs, attitudes, views and other specific needs.


We have EFFECTIVE MARKETING PACKAGES for you to choose from. All you have to do is choose the package that suits you best, according to budget, concept, purpose and timelines.