Pap Krast Creations would like to present an opportunity to for you to become part of something truly amazing and positively life changing. KRASTODIANS.

In definition, a KRASTODIAN is one that is an ambassador, a sales executive, an affiliate, a partner, a supporter, a subscriber, a follower, a student, a fan and a contributor to the Pap Krast Creations and its purpose.


As Krastodians, our key objective is  to satisfy prospect’s or client’s needs. The only way we find out what those needs are, is by listening attentively to what is being said. The best Krastodians aren’t always talking.

A Krastodian knows that believing in the product and services of Pap Krast Creations is essential to the manifestation of the confidence that makes customers want to buy more.

As a Krastodian, you must always be always self motivated to achieve personal success through Pap Krast Creations. You must always be ready to to serve others with any of the Pap Krast Creations Packages and continually looking for possibilities from the new and the old.

A Krastodian knows how and why to feel what their customers feel.

As as Krastodian you have to know that honesty is a key characteristic of a business because it sets the tone for the kind of work culture that has been created by Pap Krast Creations. Honesty builds loyalty and trust in customers and prospects.

As a Krastodians, to achieve great success, you have to be one that measures their skills, effort and results against their peers. This is being positively competitive. A Krastodian is a winner, number 1…the best.

A Krastodian’s need to sell, goes far beyond the money. Krastodians have unique needs that only a sale can help them to acquire. Good sales numbers make a big difference in life, ask any Krastodian for a testimony.

Krastodians love to network and get involved in their communities and have many different business relationships. A Krastodian knows that networking is not so much a part of the job to them but the way they like to spend their time.

Krastodians know how to bounce back from a dry spell and don’t get discouraged when the sales numbers are down. Instead, Krastodians look for innovative ways to turn things around to work in their favour.

A phenomenal  Krastodian knows how to juggle deals they are trying to close with promising leads. They can even respond to queries through emails and on the phone at the same time. Krastodians are great at multitasking.

All Krastodians are curious and are always  on the lookout for changes in the industry and what’s offered by the competition so to capitalize and maximize on new opportunities.

An outstanding Krastodian can always go with the flow by adapting to the client’s schedule and preferences can make all the difference.

The best Krastodians know how to get the job done without being rude or pushy. They know many people face the most challenging obstacle just before they reach their goal with an empathetic state of mind

Passion is what drives the wealthiest of Krastodians because it keeps them going despite the difficulties that they may come across. There are many opportunities that Krastodians can give up on, but it is the passion that keeps them going.

Krastology is hard work. Krastodians who really succeed don’t wait for customers and clients to come to them. Prospecting takes up a lot of a Krastodian’s time because of the potential success that only tenacity can be possible.

Krastodians that position themselves at the top, know well enough to stay in contact with their clients. They always remember to send birthday, anniversary, condolence, celebratory and thank you cards. As a  Krastodian, you have to know that It’s all about looking for new ways to stay in a client’s mind so that you are subconsciously present at their time of need .

As a KRASTODIAN, it is good to know that in this line of work, selling isn’t just about price. KRASTODIANS know how to use a value proposition to full their advantage.

All KRASTODIANS know that setting goals and achieving them is important in every small, medium and small business. As a KRASTODIAN you have to know that ambition is one of the most important tools for achieving success. This quality is more important talent and having resources, by far.

Charming KRASTODIANS create a good first impressions and open the door to sales. As a KRASTODIAN you will realize that working on your diction and having a well groomed appearance makes a big difference in life.

KRASTODIANS who can think on their feet and fit in with changing situations are worth their weight in gold. Having a strong imagination is a valuable characteristic.

As a KRASTODIAN it is important to know that some clients need a little more handling than others to close a sale and that it takes all the time needed.

All KRASTODIANS are always ready to take matters into their own hands. Initiative is the mark of a real KRASTODIAN. When there’s a product or services that needs to be sold, they always find a way to get it sold to a prospect.

Self motivation and working on a commission is standards practice for all KRASTODIANS.

To know that one needs to go above and beyond the extra mile to be successful, is the characteristic of a true KRASTODIAN, with the bar high and are constantly setting and achieving new goals.