The Krastopedia will help you to understand the new language that has been krastomized to meet the brand standards of Pap Krast Creations.

Any member of Pap Krast Creations i.e. affiliate, ambassador, director, partner, investor, follower, fan, client, influencer and employee.

This is the study and review of our work and our ways for our reasons towards achieving goals.

A combination of “classify” and “justify”. It is a verb. To do something, or say something with so much authenticity and integrity is, to “Krastify” it.

This is the abstract noun representation of “krastify”.

This is an adverb. It is used to explain how a Krastodian would krast a specific task.

Accordion Content

Depending on how you use this word, it qualifies as both a proper noun and a verb. As a proper noun, it makes up part of the registered company name. As a verb, it means “do”, “finish”, “eat”…e.g. “I have a few things to krast, I will come to you soon after.”